Who Are We?

Mission statement:

To inspire and inform the general public about entrepreneurship and the startup world


STARTUP.PRESS™ is a website offering daily tips, ideas, and updates on startups and entrepreneurship.

You’ll find original tips and opinions on startups, founders, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship. You’ll also find curated content that features breaking news, press releases and announcements related to startups and the business world in general.  If you’re looking for business ideas and opportunities, you can make use of our inspirational stories and startup trend briefing.

Startup founders

Why is STARTUP.PRESS launched?

There are many online publications on entrepreneurship and startups, but not all focusing on the cold, hard truth, such as the perilous journey of entrepreneurship, the shifting startup culture from using fundamental measurements for success (e.g. ROI, profits, etc.) to using funding as a measurement for success (e.g. series A funding, etc.)

STARTUP.PRESS aims to break through the clutter and talk about the not-so-fancy topics, such as overcoming failures, dealing with burnout, combating startup anxiety, keeping the business afloat, etc.

About the Owner

STARTUP.PRESS is founded by Ivan Widjaya, the owner of the award-winning entrepreneurship blog Noobpreneur, as well as several other business/finance blogs. He is a business blogger, web publisher and content marketer for SMEs.