Technology Purchases all Startups Need to Make
Startups are in a tough predicament when it comes to tech purchases. On one hand, modern smart technology, laptops, PCs, and essential (or very helpful) software are paramount to running a thriving business. However, you start to ride a very slippery slope quite quickly if these purchases get out of hand. Profits need to come… (0 comment)

Farm from a Box Enables you to Build a Tech-powered 2-Acre Farm and Feed a Community – Just from a Container Box
Worried about the apocalypse’s aftermath and have a plan to prepare a community for it? Entrepreneurs know very well about the emerging “doomsday prepper” market, and they launch startups that help people to feel safer by providing some kind of “insurance” that will increase their well-being when things go bad. Now, some other startups are… (0 comment)

Don’t be a Wannapreneur – Grow up!
“Wanting to be an entrepreneur vs. being an entrepreneur is two different things” – Gary Vaynerchuk “I own a startup. I’m an entrepreneur. F*** yeah!” is many young people’s mantra, but I think that having that cool idea and work on it on the weekends won’t make you an entrepreneur in its truest sense.  You… (0 comment)